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At the top of innovation and design, this billiard table harmonises prestance and lightness. An urban pool table, no doubt, with a refined illusion of a floating effect where the laws of gravity ceased to exist. For whom the industry standards will always remain a barrier to cross, a new horizon to redefine, the Cloud from CANADA BILLIARD will convince them.


A modern table, elevated, balanced, capable of blending in every urban atmosphere with nearby raw materials such as stone, brick, steel or glass. A unique and distinctive design that is in keeping with the tradition of excellence that continues to be the hallmark of CANADA BILLIARD. Cross over to the extraordinary.


An urban pool table, no doubt ! A refined product without exaggeration nor pretention, capable of blending in everywhere and even grow from the proximity of the nearby material such as stone bricks, steel or glass. The tradition of quality, signed CANADA BILLIARD, combined with intentionally unique and distinctive design continues with the Bridge table.


The CANADA BILLIARD is a handcrafted product with remarkable lines and the most meticulous design. It's hard to imagine how a decor could be made more impressive than by integrating such an outstanding piece of furniture.


The glow of chrome perfectly highlighted in this billiard table straight out of the 50's gives the CANADA BILLIARD LOFT a retro look that is most sought-after. In addition to being a billiard table of exceptional quality, this luxury product will certainly be the centerpiece of any design in which it is featured.


In the creating process, Asian influenced styling meets functionality in the CANADA BILLIARD’s Lotus. Inspired too by the natural æsthetic of the lotus flower, this table with prestigious lines imposes itself by the quality of its exceptional creation. A beauty of rare complexity. The perfect balance between modernism and tradition.


With this exceptionally designed billiard table, CANADA BILLIARD offers a high-end product with a design strongly inspired by the American HAPPY DAYS of the 50s. Voluptuous curves and bright chrome for a constantly renewed visual ecstasy.


Both by its name and its extraordinary appearance, the Luxx by CANADA BILLIARD evokes quality, but also pleasure and lust. This superb creation marks the advent of a new aesthetic in a constantly changing industry. A breathtaking design coupled with a flawless realization for a product that will leave no one indifferent.


Beaumont stands proudly on a generously proportioned solid oak or reclaimed elm trestle base. Swathed in an antique silver finish, this table is elegantly unique.


The two centuries old shaker style inspired the creation of the Mystère table. It is one of the most universally appreciated. Loyal to the values of which this genre is praised for its simplicity and hard work, CANADA BILLIARD offers you a 2 in 1 flawless billiard table. It will fit any existing decor, both modern, country or traditional.


A billiard table with a minimalist look based on an ultra sturdy steel frame with an industrial finish, the ONYX offers to our line of luxury products the perfect balance between the splendor of the materials and the simplicity of the shapes. A centerpiece signed CANADA BILLARD for a stunning decor.


Incarnating forward thinking, this original creation which is the pride of CANADA BILLIARD, marks the advent of a new aesthetic in an industry based on traditionalism. New lines, new form, new direction… The Révolution.