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CL Dutchess

The Duchess traditional pool table is a beautiful solid wood table available in luxurious dark traditional mahogany, rich warm chestnut and back finishes. The distinctive Dutchess style is known by its graceful arched cabinets accented with dentil holding side rails and hand-carved ball & claw legs. As with all CL Bailey brand tables, the Dutchess carries a lifetime guarantee.


  • Interlocking crossbeams for support and table stability
  • Solid wood rails, cabinet and legs
  • Top rails are accented with Mother-of-Pearl out with Abalone in double diamond sites
  • Choice of leather pockets in both shield and fringe style
  • Size: 7′ and 8′
  • Finishes: Traditional Mahogany, Warm Chestnut, Black and Graphite (8′ only)

CL Elayna

Sturdy solid wood construction, the Elayna’s graceful double-arch style cabinet supported by our classic Queen Anne legs will be a stunning focal point in the game room. The Elayna is available in luxurious, dark traditional mahogany, rich warm chestnut and black. As with all CL Bailey brand tables, the Elayna carries a lifetime guarantee.


  • Feature interlocking crossbeams for greater support and table stability
  • Solid wood rails
  • Cabinet and legs
  • Choice of leather pockets in both shield and fringe styles
  • Size: 7′ and 8′

CL Norwich



  • Solid wood table with 1″ framed slate
  • Ball and Claw style legs
  • Rail sights: Diamond-shaped white pearlized
  • Pocket options: Shield or Fringe
  • Table sizes: 7′ and 8′
  • Optional Accessory Drawer on TM and WC models only
  • Shown in Traditional Mahogany

AE Pagoda

The Pagoda is our take on classic antique style pool table made for the modern day! A beautiful solid carved pagoda leg sit underneath a tapered frame with decorative reeding detail. This table comes standard with a wide top bull nose rail system and Diamond Mother of Pearl sights.


From British inspiration, this is a product for a person who believes that the spirit of pool must transpire through its design. With its solid white birch rails and legs, sturdy frame and your choice of stains, the Aristocrat from CANADA BILLIARD is just what you need to enhance your room decoration. A balanced game and respect.


The Banff of CANADA BILLIARD offers unsurpassed value and styling. The decorative corner mouldings help give it a unique and exceptionnal style. Sumptuous solid white birch rails add a special look. A pool table for life. A perfectly balanced style, the Banff is made from high quality materials that will remain untouched by the toll of time.


A pool table design blooming with exuberance without crossing the line. The Canadiana from CANADA BILLIARD features diamond inlay pearlized sights with magnificent decorative rails and mouldings made of solid red oak, double arch frame and a Sandwich Board. The nobility and strength of the red oak, considering the fine work behind it, will please our most refined clientele.


The crown jewel of our series La Condo ! This convertible colonial style pool table offers luxury, versatility and friendliness. Its unique lines and design will be the attraction center of your room. This table shifts in moments from a country style dining table to a slate billiard table. More than a simple piece of furniture, a place where the whole family can gather for festivities. The pleasure of having people over, signed CANADA BILLIARD.


A sophisticated table for sophisticated people. The Château from CANADA BILLIARD, entirely made of solid red oak or maple, is without compromise one of our most prestigious tables in our collection. Optimal sturdiness. Rich design. Imposing mouldings. A concept out of the ordinary that requires the particular attention of our most talented craftmen.


For CANADA BILLIARD, choosing red oak as the main material for this billiard suggesting opulence and magnitude was a hard fact to ignore. A Noble essence if there is one, with rich and complex grains, giving full justice to this quality product. The Duchess, featuring magnificent decorative rails and mouldings, will surely please all members of the family. To transmit from generation to generation.


Old world styling, The Dynasty table from CANADA BILLIARD is a fluid and delightful design. With its magnificient decorative rails and mouldings made of solid white birch, an arch frame and adjustable ball & claw legs, the Dynasty is a table accented with a wood of equivalent quality, built with state of the art technology. It will surely please all members of the family. A pool table passed down from generation to generation.


A billiard table, but also a collector’s item, the Élégance is a connoisseur’s delight. The Élégance is framed piece by piece. The magnificently turned and fluted legs will make a substancial impact on any room. When a craftsman from CANADA BILLIARD takes the solid wood and gives it the respect necessary to mould it to a table worthy of the name, Élégance is born.