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About Our Online Store

We specialize in selling and servicing pool tables. Pool tables are the perfect accent for any hotel, workspace, family room, or even game room.

We offer a wide range of options for pool tables. We help you pick the right pool table and offer custom built options. Pool tables are meant as a way for you to have fun, but also as a way to take up space in a room, so you must be happy with your purchase.

Let’s get down to business and talk about the services that we offer:

  • Pool Table Moving: we will move your pool table from any location. We ensure your pool table and know that it is critical for proper movement with a pool table; not moving a pool table properly can damage rails, aprons, frames, etc.
  • Pool Table Re felt: Overtime pool tables can get worn out, torn, or faded. We help get your pool table to a nice fresh look! We allow you to choose from different style options and colors.
  • Pool table Movers: If you have disassembled a pool table and need help getting it back together we can set that up for you! We have great staff members and the right equipment to ensure that your pool table will be almost as good as brand new!

Having your pool table repaired, fixed, or upgraded can seem like it would cost a lot, or be a burden to do; but fear not we have you covered in all these areas and hope you will take pride in us!

Let’s bring CLASSIC AND MODERN to your Living spaces!