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Don’t mess with this table. Traditional design, with a tough as nails, rustic finish. The Don 8’ Slate Pool Table is built to command the room. Solid oak upper construction with single beam construction holds up 3 slabs of 1 inch true rolling slate. Add colorful felt for the flashy “wise guy” look, or play it on the down-low with a muted felt color. And don’t worry, this pool table can’t talk, so your stories are safe here.


Solid oak upper and black steel. It doesn’t get more rock n’ roll than that. The Ironworker 8’ Slate Pool Table screams the best in industrial design. Solid wood craftsmanship meets girder beam support legs. The 3-piece slate playing surface rounds out an 850 pound can of whoop-ass. The Brownwash finish looks sharp with a subdued felt color or add a bold color for even more eye candy. Rest assured, the The Ironworker delivers industrial strength confidence in your purchase.