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Referencing everything from traditional shapes to industrial details, the rustic style of this table creates a warm, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The distinctive wood grains and distressed finishes of red pine highlight rustic warmth with an antique grey stain. The Barn table from CANADA BILLIARD will bring a one-of-a-kind feel to your home.


The unshakeable label of its steel structure accentuating the timeless cachet of the red pine wood used for its construction, the Canyon table from CANADA BILLIARD will, without a shadow of a doubt, offers that extraordinary touch necessary to any kind of decor worthy of the name. From rustic to urban.


The improbable balance between form and finish, between purity and asperity, between yesterday and today. We made a modern and minimalist realization requiring all the know-how of our best craftsmen. An eminently contemporary work, supported by its rustic finish, characteristic of red pine.


Beaumont stands proudly on a generously proportioned solid oak or reclaimed elm trestle base. Swathed in an antique silver finish, this table is elegantly unique.

IMP Reno 8ft Weathered Dark Chestnut

  • 7-ft. Billiard Table with 1-inch K pattern backed slate
  • Solid wood body and legs
  • Crossbeam legs add stability and a unique look
  • Internal leather drop pockets
  • Metal coin rail sites