Pool Table Moving

Certified Technicians

We provide you with qualified and certified trained pool table movers. Our technicians know everything about disassembling and reassembling pool tables to provide you with a peace of mind throughout the moving process.

Professional Care

We are over protective of how we treat your proprty with every installation. Professional and quality care is very important to us as we professionally move or relocate your pool table.

Prompt Installation

We believe in timeliness and qualtiy work when moving or relocating our customers personal belongings.


Pool Table Moving & Relocation

We will move your pool table from any location. We ensure your pool table and know that it is critical for proper movement with a pool table; not moving a pool table properly can damage rails, aprons, frames, etc.

Whether you're moving your pool table to a different room or another state, it's important to rely on a qualified professional to handle the job. It's very easy for a pool table to be damaged during a relocation, and it's very difficult to properly install, level, and balance a pool table after it's been moved. When you depend on our Sacramento pool table experts, we'll be able to handle every aspect of the job and guarantee that your pool table is in the best condition possible.


Pool Table Installation

Our Classic Home Billiards Installation technicians are trained by some of the industry's leading certified billiard installation experts to install your pool table for optimum game play.

Classic Home Billiards can provide full professional pool table installation service for any 3-piece slate, 1-piece slate, coin-operated, and ball return pool tables. Pool table balancing and leveling is included with every installation.

Commercial or Residential Pool Table Installation

We have provided pool table installation services to hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the Charlotte and surrounding areas. From commercial pool table installations at huge bowling alleys and pool halls, to 1-table game rooms in a local homeowner's garage, we have done it all. We have the skills and expertise to complete your pool table installation job to perfection.

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